Imagine that you could become a real artist by the time you hit your 100th painting!
“Psst! This is NOT Your ORDINARY Coloring Book”
With My Daily Painting Series Coloring Book, you’ll get:
  • My 100 hand drawn line drawings of various subjects - flowers, fruits, and food
  • Unlimited printing of coloring pages
  • A consistent daily plan to learn art to improve creative skills
  • ​A great resource for art teachers
  • ​A video library (YouTube Playlist) to watch to get inspiration to start to color
From the studio of Siti Nuriati Husin
Los Angeles, California

Dear friend,

Have you ever encountered this before? You find beautiful artwork on social media. Then, you search to find out who the artist is, hoping you can watch her videos on how she made her paintings. Alas, it turns out she only has a handful of videos.

Or, how about this? An artist promises that she’ll commit to posting daily painting videos an x number of days. You watch her videos for several days and now you’re excited to see what she does next, but then radio silence. No more videos after that.

I know that feeling of frustration.

Hi, I’m Siti Nuriati Husin and I’m a realist painter and co-founder of Siti Nuriati Studio. I've been a homeschool mom for over a decade and I have been working from home since the birth of my eldest son. In the summer of 2016, I created a daily challenge with my children to paint with watercolor. That led me to create my personal watercolor daily painting series, ‘Watercolor Fun’. My goal was to complete the challenge and keep my promise that every single day I'd dedicate time to paint one subject. I gave myself a big challenge to overcome. 100 paintings, and 100 videos of me painting, in 100 days. Yep, you heard me right, 100 videos.

The most challenging part? Maintaining the motivation to paint daily and creating scripts for each video; narrating what I did and what my thoughts were while painting a subject.

Let me be honest - as a wife, full time homemaker, homeschool mom and business owner, I only have a few hours left to attend to my personal growth as an artist. But that summer, I took a leap to experiment with watercolor after two decades of abandoning wet medium. I created a 100 Daily Painting Series, using watercolor, for the first time in my life.

I forced myself to dedicate 1 hour a day to paint a new subject with this new medium. 100 days was truly a game changer, as I got to know the medium better, skipped the perfectionist mindset, and boosted my self confidence in learning a new medium. Most importantly, I had something fun to look forward to daily with this challenge.

It’s my most proudest production so far. I love that I get to share my watercolor journey with you. And finally, I’m so thrilled that I actually completed the challenge!

Now you can watch all 100 videos on my YouTube Channel, Siti Nuriati Studio.

While the average video length is only 3 minutes, I don’t suggest you watch them all in one sitting. :)

If your time is limited, but you want to learn to paint, whether as a hobbyist or as a serious painter, this unique Daily Painting Series Coloring Book is perfect for you.
Who is Siti Nuriati Husin?
Siti Nuriati Husin is a Malaysian-born American realist painter and a co-founder of Siti Nuriati Studio. Self-trained as a portrait artist, Siti left portraiture behind after over a decade in the business. Siti now paints flowers and still lifes. Her main focus now is helping families preserve their family stories, from the mementos they have, through custom paintings. She also illustrates and designs products for

Siti regularly shares her art tutorials to help inspire busy, creative moms. Check them out at her YouTube Channel, Siti Nuriati Studio TV.

Siti and her family live in Los Angeles, California, where she’s been homeschooling her children for over a decade. With her firstborn now a member of the US Army, Siti has just her youngest son to homeschool now.

100 RAW AND UNEDITED Videos Available to Watch on 
Siti Nuriati Studio TV 

Each video is approximately 3 minutes long (total running time of all 100 videos is about 300 minutes (5 hours)). Every day, for one hundred days, I recorded a video of me painting a new subject. These videos are a great way to get a sneak peak at how I start and finish my paintings.

The best part: you get to hear what I think about each painting as I paint.


($10,000 Value)

With most coloring books, you can only color each page one time and then you have to move on to a new book, but not with ours. You can print each page as many times as you want, trace the drawings onto art paper, and try painting a subject with a different medium.

You can paint the same paintings with different mediums and get better at art gradually. The example on the right shows the initial painting of a Chocolate Glazed Donut - Day 21 that I did with watercolor. I used the same coloring page and taught one of my student's, Zahra, in my one-on-one art coaching, to paint it with colored pencil. Zahra’s artwork in colored pencil shows you that no matter what medium you prefer to use, you only need to transfer the line drawing onto drawing paper and paint away!

This coloring book is suitable for classroom practice, as a personal challenge for beginning artists, or just as a fun hobby.

Best of all, there’s a video library of 100 videos that I recorded showing me painting each subject. These videos are there, free to watch on our YouTube Playlist, and they work well together with our Coloring Book, in case you need some inspiration to start your coloring. 
For Personal Use Only. This digital download doesn’t include reproduction rights for commercial purposes.
Do I pay for shipping?
Since the product is a digital download, there’s no shipping charge.
After I pay for the book, how do I get it?
The Daily Painting Series Coloring Book is a digital product and it will be sent electronically via email.  You will receive a link to download the book in your email.
Can I get a refund after purchase if I don't like the book?
Yes, simply send an email within 7 days of purchase to and we willl take care of it.
Here Is My “You’re Nuts, Siti” Guarantee
I guarantee that you'll love the Daily Painting Series Coloring Book, 100 percent. 

But if, for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with my product, email me within 
7 days of purchase and I'll refund you your money. No questions asked. 

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I really hope you enjoy this coloring book and create so many beautiful paintings with the medium of your choice. Most of all, I want you to truly enjoy your me time.

Thanks and stay kreatif,
Siti Nuriati Husin